Father-son Sexy Three-some

Have you ever heard the saying “Like Father Like Son”? Well these two take it to the next level. With a hot piece of ass like Smokie Flame you know it’s going to be one sexy and kinky time at GMP . To see this slutty redhead help a father and son out with there bonding issues Join Glass Mannequin

Father and Son Bonding

Father and Son Bonding

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Smokie Flame Gets What She Deserves

Smokie Flame is a reason why they say women are bad drivers. This dumb redhead hit her brother’s car when she was backing up in his drive way. Now this brother is pissed the fuck off and wants his sister to pay big time.To see the little sister’s surprised face when she finds out that her brother is going to pimp her out to a dirty old man Join Bring Me Your Sister

Hot Red Head

Hot Red Head

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Naughty Fun With Smokie Flame

Some girls are just naughty and Smokie Flame is one of the naughtiest girl’s I’ve ever fucked – this petite redhead fuck-slut loves cock and it doesn’t even bother her that her brother is just inched from her cock-filled cunt. I’ve worked a few times for Smokie Flame but the most memorable was out first shoot for Bring Me Your Sister where her brother filmed her sucking and fucking my throbbing cock.

Naughty Fun With Smokie Flame

The sex with Smokie Flame was so amazing that I can’t even remember what what she did to piss her off but this first video led to us filming again – not only for Bring Me Your Sister but also for Glass Mannequin. You can also follow Smokie Flame on Twitter – while you’re at it, follow me, Richard Nailder on twitter too for the latest updates to all of my sites. But before you run off, enjoy this free trailer of my first time fucking the naughty little redhead Smokie Flame.

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Father And Son Fucks A Random Slut

Got to love forgetful girls…..Hanging out by the pool this father and son duo were approached by this sexy redhead that cant seem to remember where she last had her keys. Luckily the old man has a good memory because he still had their hotel key, so the old man took the opportunity to ask the sexy girl if she would like to accompany him and his son back to their hotel room. This slutty girl wasn’t hesitant to say yes….To see what happens when this three-some gets moved indoors join Glass Mannequin

Like father like son

Like father like son

Wasn’t long till the hot redhead was in between the family jewels getting her mouth and pussy stuffed with hard cocks. To see who can fuck Smokie Flame the best…. the old man or his offspring Join Glass mannequin

Redhead Takes Two Dicks

Redhead Takes Two Dicks

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Two Girls And A Dick

Three-some????Who doesn’t love a three-some? Especially when you have two sexy tramps like Smokie Flame and Jazmine Taylor in bed with you. This old man is about to have the time of his life with these sexy amateur porn stars.

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Smokie Flame And Jazmine Taylor Fuck The Old Man

Smokie Flame dives right it and shoves that fat cock into her sweet tight mouth. Jazmine Taylor waits eagerly on the side waiting for her chance to slob on the old mans knob. Sharing is caring so if you want to see Smokie Flame of Glass Mannequin share that fat cock with the sexy Jazmine download full video.

Smokie Flame Jazmine Taylor Suck A Fat Dick

Smokie Flame Jazmine Taylor Suck A Fat Dick

With  Jazmine Taylor’s Landing strip laid out in front of him, he starts to fuck the shit of the little slut as the sexy redhead gets on top of Jazmine’s face. Smokie Flame loves being eaten out by the sexy Jazmine while seeing the old mans fat cock slide in and out of her throbbing pussy. You can see more of these amateur porn stars. by Signing up wit Glass Mannequin and having full access to bring me your sister and Real Colorado Girls for the price of one.

Sexy Three-some

Sexy Three-some

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Redhead lesbian cuntmuncher Smokie Flame wanted to pop the petite teenage amateur sex teenage, Kyanna Raves, lesbian cherry and so when I asked her to do a lesbian shoot with the short little brunette for Glass Mannequin she jumped at the chance . It didn’t take Smokie long to have her new girlfriend spread out on the bed, her first-rate natural knockers in the air and her legs spread wide as Smokie fisted the petite brunette in her first on-camera lesbian porno movie.

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Shaved Sister Cunt

I know I’m a sick bastard but I there is something about shaved sister cooder that turns me on and our latest movie of Smokie Flame’s shaved little cooder is as hot as any of the movies that brothers have made of their sisters snatches for the sick bastards at Bring Me Your Sister. In this sister porno movie, the hot young mom Smokie Flame is letting her brother get within inches of his petite redhead sisters shaved cooder as he shoots the over-sized meat of the older man Richard Nailder hammer her shaved cooder relentlessly.

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Now I’m not sure how normal it is to watch your little sister having an orgasm but Smokie’s brother got real close to his sisters cooder as she rode the fat meat of the older man until she reached her first climax with her brother there. While not all sisters can semen when their brother’s only inches from their cooder but the misbehaving young mom in this movie wasn’t bothered at all by her brother sitting inches from her cunt with the professional movie camera of the Bring Me Your Sister crew.

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